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The Most Talented Cat in the WORLD Lives in Australia

The Most Talented Cat in the WORLD Lives in Australia

Catmantoo also known as Robert Dollwett is a creature mentor, he doesn’t really accept that that felines can’t take in and received Didga from the sanctuary when she was a little cat.

Didga has caused him show the world that felines are brilliant and workable as long as you utilize a particular positive ‘system’ which is like the manner in which marine creatures are instructed.


She surely is one skilful kitty. She does her skateboard stunts effortlessly that it is clear she was destined to skate!

I can possibly envision that when her kindred canines perceive how wonderful she is at the skate park that they are eager!


She loves to invest energy with her ‘doggie’ companions and her dearest friend Boomer and they all have heaps of fun together at the sea shore, swimming and larking around.

Unquestionably she absolutely is the head of her pack!


Robert says: “I’ve been shooting Didga doing a wide range of stunning things throughout the previous 7 years, all that recording was fanned out between my social records, I’ve assembled the very best clasps into this one video.”

“Didga has a high food drive, and I’m an expert creature mentor (purrfect combo) she is causing me spread the word about being a mindful feline parent. She’s from the haven you all ADOPT DON’T SHOP!”

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