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Cat Brings Stray Kitten into Home and the Family Adopts Him

Clarke previously had three felines in her family, she had consistently said that three was sufficient and that was a lot of cushions to go around.

At that point along came Charlie!


Clarke lives in Holland with her family Netherlands. They have three grown-up felines, Stavros, Jack, and Louis. Stavros had been protected about a year prior from Greece and this has made him the streetwise head of the gathering, having understood what it resembles to live in the city.

At that point one day a modest and thin cat fired appearing on their terrace, no one had seen him around previously and they didn’t know whether he had a place with anybody. Clarke saw that Stavros had been spending time with the little cat and both of them were turning out to be companions.


She understood that Stavros was watching out for the little cat each time he entered the yard and regularly saw them playing together.

It was maybe something to do with his past as a wanderer road feline that made Stavros defensive of the cat and due to this their kinship bloomed, they regularly snuggled up together for a rest in the shed.


At that point one day when she was taking care of her three felines, Klarieke saw that Stavros wasn’t eating, when she looked across she saw that he’d offered his supper to the little cat who was cheerfully chomping endlessly.

This thoughtful kitty truly wouldn’t fret parting with his food, he comprehended what it resembled to be ravenous after all the time he spent living as a road feline.


Before he had consistently fled when there were people around yet Klarieke concluded the time had come to put out an additional bowl for the little cat and after a short time he was adequately bold to come in and eat with them.

No one came to guarantee the cat, and he was investing all the more energy with Stavros. So they chose to name him Charlie and soon Stavros was showing him around his new home. They went wherever together.


He was still extremely careful about people, however, they figured out how to take him to the vet and he left with a physician’s approval.

He prefers to invest the greater part of his energy with Stavros yet he is becoming more friendly increasingly more every day.


Charlie is an exceptionally sweet cat and much to his dismay when he meandered into that yard one day that it would turn into his permanent spot to live with a caring group of felines and people.

He will surely be carrying on with the VIP life from now into the foreseeable future.

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